Frequently Asked Questions

What material is used for the 3D models?

We primarily use resin for 3D printing models, though filament is used for our larger (normally terrain) models. The product description will clarify what material is being used to print that specific model.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Being a print on demand studio, it can take anywhere from as little as 2 days or longer depending on the size of your order. We are still a relatively small studio and keeping inventory is not an option, models are prepared as needed (supported and sliced) and then printed as soon a possible. Due to the nature of resin printing, we cannot always print immediately and will need to perform quality assurance for every model printed. This can take additional time if there are errors in printing (rare, but they occur) or if all of the printer are occupied with other order. We understand that it can be exciting to order new models and do our best to ship as quickly as we can.

What size are the models?

We are currently offering the standard size of the model in its STL format, however some models do have sizing options.. Each model's description should specify what size the model is printed.

Can we get the model larger/smaller?

If you're interested in having a specific model printed at a larger size and there is not a size option available for that model, please feel free to message us at and we will do our best to help you get the model you need in the size you need.

Do we need to wash/clean the models when we receive them?

The models should not need to be washed when they are received. If you choose to wash them, please keep the amount of time they are in water limited as the resin may become warped or have adverse side effects with prolonged exposure.
We do our best to remove all supports and support nubs from models before they are sent out, however you should have some tools on hand for sanding or removing supports/support nubs in case any are missed. If you put the model in hot water for 20-30 seconds the supports should be easily removed.

Do I need to worry about sun or uv exposure for resin models?

The short answer is not really. Most people do not display models in windows or near UV lights, if you do or plan to do so, you can purchase a finishing coat for your models to protect them from UV exposure.